Everyone will have their own views, but these are my thoughts. I hope they are helpful...

Be yourself - that's why you've been asked to be Lady Captain. People want you for who you are, not for who they think you can become. They will want you to enjoy your year.

Listen - take the time to listen to people, whether or not you agree with their point of view. People will appreciate that you took the time to hear what they have to say. Try to be neutral in your response if the issue is a tricky one.

Communicate - you can't communicate too much. Use different media: e-mails, speeches, social media, notices. People have different preferences on how they like to be communicated with, so if you narrow your options, you narrow your audience too. You can't beat something like a blog - if you write it as you speak, people will feel as though you're in the room with them as they read it.

Appreciative - Take the time to thank people, whether in speeches or with cards or small gifts. Make people feel special.

Involve people -Let ladies (and gentlemen) help. People love to get involved in things they enjoy, and will appreciate being asked by you to undertake certain tasks. It really helps to lighten the load. 

Understand how the club operates behind the scenes - who do you need to speak to to get things done, who are your key influencers. Knowing the right people can smooth your year.

Don't try to change the world - It will be terribly tempting, but resist! Give yourself an achievable goal - I set out wanting to find ways of getting the men's and ladies' sections to interact more. Some ideas behind this worked, some didn't. I was disappointed by those that didn't get off the ground, but two in particular have stuck, and I'm thrilled with those. One was for the club to enter a regional mixed knockout (and I probably have a job for life captaining the team now!). The other that has stuck is a pre-Christmas 'Pasties and Prosecco' gathering. We held this on Christmas Eve, opened it to the whole club, and my Vice Captain immediately said she'd do the same the following year. Let's hope it becomes a permanent fixture in our calendar!
It would be lovely to know  what your own thoughts are....?
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 Kind regards.

Di, Lady Captain Advisor