To a non golfer, it would seem that putting the ball in the hole would be one of the easier parts of the game, as golfers we know that this is not the case!
Putting can be one of the most frustrating parts of golf, but it doesn't have to be- with the correct technique and attitude towards it.

Here are some top tips to help you send your ball to its home!


  • Find a putting grip that works for you- no putting grip is the same; its what works for you and is comfortable. If you are comfortable over your putt you are more likely to have right technique to hole more putts.
  • Roll the ball, don't hit it- to gain the best possible feel on the greens, you need to hit the correct part of the golf ball. This is vital for distance control as hitting different parts of the golf ball with give you inconsistent distances. Try to hit the top half of the golf ball to roll the ball better.
  • Practice for 10 minutes a day- All time spent practicing adds up. 10 minutes out of your day practicing could give you the edge to beat your playing partners! You can practice at the golf club or at home- you can set up a drill anywhere. 
  • Have confidence- easier said than done, but it is the key to a good putter. Stepping up to a putt with confidence that you will hole it will give you a much better chance that admitting defeat before even taking the putt. Positive mental attitude!

The Confidence- Builder Drill
Find a fairly flat hole on a practice putting green. From the front of the hole, lie your putter on the ground and put a tee peg or ball marker at the end of your putter grip. This should be about 3 foot- an important distance to hole. Try and hole 15 in a row.  If you miss one, start from the beginning again. If this is too easy, set yourself a higher target to hole.

This is good for confidence building as your mind processes you holing lots of putts. You can do this before you go out to play to build confidence or in a practice session.  

Distance Control Drill
Find a hole on a practice green and pace out 6 foot away from the hole (1 average step is 3 foot or do 2 putter lengths). Place a tee or ball marker down here to mark the position where you will start from. Create a box with three clubs around the hole, 3 foot long and 3 foot wide each side. 
distance control drillThe aim is to get your 3 golf balls in the box, past the hole from each marker. If you leave the ball short of the box, or your ball touches one of the clubs, you start the station again. When all balls are safely in the box, move 2 foot back. Repeat and move 2 foot back every time till you get to 20 foot. 
This is a good exercise for distance control and getting the ball within a 'gimmie range'. 

Both these drills are customisable, so set yourself easier or harder targets depending on ability. Overtime, set yourself harder targets to see your progression.