Autumn is swiftly approaching us, the conditions changing- but that doesn't mean your golf has to!
Here are some top tips to keep on top of your game this Autumn.

Don't Get discouraged
Its easy to get discouraged during this time of the year. You could be hitting the ball well, but not seeing the best results in scores. The conditions are colder, the ground could be wetter, the greens could have had maintenance work done- all these are factors that are a challenge to golfers. Its important to remember, these factors are not within your control and it will be the same for everyone else. The best thing you can do is stick to your shot routine every time, stick to your shot processes and always keep your head up- and you will be surprised to see how far perseverance and a good attitude on the course will go.

Its all about the short game

At this time of year, short game becomes twice as important. As the conditions change, its easier to miss club. You will most likely have more shots around the green, and this is where you can make up shots on your playing partners. You don't have much time until the weather starts getting really bad, all it takes is 10 minutes more of putting and chipping practice than you do every week or month and you will start to see more results.

The Local Driving Range
The driving range is pretty much always open, going down once every 1 or 2 weeks to hit 25-50 golf balls will keep your game topped up during the winter months. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't go well, off season golf is a tough time for all golfers.

Pitchfork Purple Winter Gloves

Winter Rules are there to help
Preferred lies- mark your ball clean, clean it and you are able to place it within 6 inches of the marker. (its worth checking your local rule as some golf clubs are different)

Embedded ball- if the ball is plugged in its own pitch mark in a closely-mown area of the golf course you are able to lift and drop the ball free of penalty. (it may be worth checking your golf clubs local rule as sometime this extends to the rough too).

Cleaning your ball- when the conditions are bad enough for your ball to pick up mud and dirt, sometimes golf clubs have a local rule allowing you to clean your ball. It is worth checking the local rule at the golf club.

Casual water- if your ball is visibly in water or visible when your feet are set up in stance, you are entitled to a free drop no nearer the hole which is measured by a club length.

Enter competitions while you still can
Don't just sit there...See what competitions are still available to play at your club