Sometimes you have a gap that you need to fill, be it after a presentation, golf or a meal. Here are a few ideas to fill the void - do share your thoughts with us!

This is a hoot, especially if, like me, you're rubbish at drawing to order! Work in groups, decide who's going to draw. Have cards available with descriptions of things to draw, scaled from 1-5 in terms of difficulty. Time each drawing - an egg timer works well  for this.

Beetle Drive
This old classic never fails to raise the temperature! You need templates, dice, cups for the dice, pencils and you're off. Those dice will be everywhere - under tables, chairs, out of windows....!

Quick and easy - you just need an auctioneer with some get up and go! You don't have to include expensive items. How about auctioning an offer for someone to wash someone's car, an hour's ironing, gardening, use of a holiday home, home made cakes...?

Baby / Mum / Golf Course Photos
Have people provide a photo of themselves as a baby, or of their Mum, and see how many people can identify. Alternatively, get someone to sneakily take pictures of the golf course from strange angles so that it makes it tricky to figure out which hole is featured. You can get people to work in pairs - maybe 'draw' pairs in advance so that ladies mix with people they wouldn't normally pair up with. Don't forget the added value of mixed events too.

Whatever you think of bingo, it's as popular as ever! Try stand-up bingo  as a change - it is great having that visual of people sitting down as numbers are called and seeing who's left!

Bring and Buy
Decide on a specific theme - foodstuffs / golf items / handbags and gladrags (jewellery / scarves). Give ladies notice so they have time to sort through their cupboards etc. Handbags - you might want time to be able to give them a shine and insert some padding before they go on sale. Allocate prices or price bands - or go with an auction for some items.

Lady Captain's Charity
Arrange an afternoon tea and invite a speaker from your chosen charity, so ladies know what your charity is about and what the funds they raise will be used for. An afternoon is just a change from an evening event and Afternoon Teas are all the rage. Include a glass of Prosecco  for "Ladies who Lunch"!

Sports Day
Though perhaps not as energetic. Maybe Dominoes / Scrabble / Snakes and Ladders.? Have ladies move around the games - think of it as a triathlon!

As always, please share your ideas with us too - Lady Captain's year of office flies like the wind, so the more we can share suggestions the better!
Diane Grant
Lady Captain Adviser