The year flies so quickly, you'll want a way of remembering all the great times you've had and the wonderful people you've met.

Photographs are the obvious first choice. Our Club Captain in my year was a keen photographer and was very generous in making himself available as 'David Bailey' for the day whenever required. That gave me a veritable library of pics to choose from, and I have two photo albums full of memories, which is great.

At the end of my year, I had copies taken of many of the photos and shared them at the last dinner of the year. Card photo frames weren't expensive and they provided memories for the ladies who were there too - and more laughter! Surprizeshop have added these kind of frames to their range now - I only wish they'd been available when I was preparing mine!
At my final event as Lady Captain, I tried to make sure that all the ladies received a photo with them in it. I didn't quite manage to capture everyone, and missed some of our social lady members, but with hindsight I could have captured everyone if I'd thought about sharing the photos out earlier.

There are other mementoes too. How about menus and invitations? Keeping the menu from a special event can be a lovely way of looking back on the dinner - maybe get your fellow guests to sign the menu so you can remember who you were with too.

I started keeping a box for mementoes, which actually grew into a briefcase I got so carried away with the bits I kept. I've since pared the mementoes down a little, but I still have loads to look back on.
When a pal became Lady Captain at a local club, I arranged a large memento box engraved with a message for her in her year of office. I must check with her and see if there's any room left in it!! Surprizeshop have a range of own use products that identify who you are through your year but are also a great memento to keep after.

Scorecards, of all the fabulous golf you've played. How about ball markers too? Yardage charts - these can remind you of the course as well as your playing partners. This is especially handy when you've played so many courses they start to merge into one!

Extracts from your blog. Always fun to look back and read of the fun moments - the faux pas you'd forgotten about that will keep you tittering over for many years!

What else..... one club local to me had a 'swan song' cabaret evening, with the Lady Captain providing the star attraction. Now if I'd been singing, I'd have cleared the place, but the video is priceless as a memento!

Di, Lady Captain Advisor