As you are probably well aware, being Lady Captain can be a fantastic opportunity to raise lots of money for a good cause. However if you’re new to fundraising on a larger scale, it can seem daunting. Luckily at Surprizeshop, we’ve come up with some tips to help you out.

TIP #1: Contact the charity/organisation you’re raising money for. Getting in touch with them isn’t required, but it can be helpful. Ask about previous successful fundraising events and see if any of them can be given a golfing twist. They can also help share your events which could encourage more donations.
TIP #2: Think of the skills and interests of the people around you. What events would excite them and make them want to participate and donate?
TIP #3: A golf competition may be the first thing that jumps to mind when thinking of fundraising ideas. While this is a great idea, make sure it’s accessible and rewarding for golfers of all levels – you want to involve as many people as possible!
TIP #4: Make it easy for people to donate. Use social media to spread the word and consider setting up a web page for people to give money to such as GoFundMe or just giving. 
TIP #5: Be flexible! Lots of donations come in in the weeks after an event. For example consider having a longer deadline for when people need to collect sponsors by or give money to the cause.

Whatever you do, we’re sure it’ll be great! Don’t be a stranger, and we wish you a successful and enjoyable year as Lady Captain.