You just can't have too much communication! Many years ago, when I pointed a friend of mine in the direction of a notice she should have read, she said to me: "Why should I read the noticeboard when I've got you to tell me what's on there?" Hmmm.... you certainly can't make people read notices and e-mails, but you can try to reach people by a range of communications rather than sticking to one specific route.
Blog - As Lady Captain I started a blog via the Club website. Basically, I pinched the idea from a friend of mine who'd been Captain at a local club and his blog generated quite a bit of fun. (Much as I'd love to take the credit for the idea!)
Anyway, people do love to read about themselves. The same pal of mine from the first paragraph also took umbrage with me when I produced a blog and missed her out - 20+ ladies had been on a weekend away and I'd tried so hard to make sure I mentioned everyone in some way. Unfortunately I missed this one lady out and all hell broke loose when my pal couldn't find herself in the blog! Luckily she still speaks to me!
Photographs too are a great way of keeping people informed and involved in what's happening. Even if someone has missed a social, if they can see what's happened in their absence, they feel involved, especially if there's pictorial evidence which can help get the atmosphere across.


WhatsApp is a growing medium and increasingly committees and groups of people are using this option for communication and quick updates. It probably won't capture everyone, but it's an option for perhaps smaller groups.
Texts too - good for quick reminders. Set up groups so you can access a number of people in one hit quite easily.
Noticeboard - I was lucky enough to have a "Lady Captain's Noticeboard" at my disposal last year. I used this for everything from information on my charity, cartoons, golf tips, recipes, social events and copies of my latest blog. Some will say it's just more to read, but if someone reads your noticeboard who may not read an e-mail, that's job done.
Facebook - Lots of ladies love Facebook so you will be contacting them somewhere they are already used to  using. Companies like Surprizeshop also have Fcebook discounts at the checkout. There is also a Lady Captain';s group set up just for you ( link at the bottom of this email).
Cards and notes. I don't know about you, but I love receiving a handwritten card or note. If you want to thank someone, you can't beat taking the time to write a personal message. Why not include a Surprizeshop novelty ball marker in the envelope as a treat!

Di Grant- Past Lady Captain 
Hindley Hall Golf Club 
Surprizeshop Lady Captain Adviser