Many clubs have a golfing day out for their committee. If it's your job to organise, here are a few thoughts....

Book early!

I left organising my day later than I'd planned, getting caught  up in other events and duties, which is so easily done. So don't fall into the same trap - book yours early so everyone can get the date in their diaries and you know you'll get great support for the event. Our new Lady Captain already has hers booked, which is great - that's the day committed to in my diary already. Job done!

It can be tricky when you have working players to consider, though many clubs offer weekend dates for visiting parties. I found many clubs had some Saturday afternoons available, which simply wouldn't have been an option a year or so ago.

Do you have players who need buggies? Not too far to travel too - my experience is ladies don't want to drive too far. Value for money - that's a big tick. There are plenty of offers available, and don't be afraid of asking for a better deal if you feel there's room for manoeuvre. Clubs will often 'price match'. Go on - you can do it!

Format for the day? Some kind of team event is fun, mixing handicaps if you can so that teams are pretty even. Two scores from four, all to count on par threes? Perhaps have a 'nearest the pin' too.

Prizes. Do you give the prizes personally or do you add a small amount to the cost of the day for each player to fund the prizes? I gave packs of a 'goldfish' gin glass, mini gins and a small tonic last year. Went down famously, but then I knew the attendees wouldn't turn down a little gin, so that kind of prize was always going to be a winner!

We had prizes for birdies - Surprizeshop 'From the Lady Captain' pitch mark repairers did the job for these, in smart little boxes too. (We did have a 'nearest the pin' but no one hit the green!) Think what your players might like and if you can add a bit of fun, go for it. That's what we're here for!

Our first committee day out was washed out due to thunderstorms - while we were in action out on the course. One of our ladies had her own buggy and I swear she was doing wheelies on her way back to the clubhouse! The thunder was right overhead and it was mighty scary!

We were given a 'rain check' on the full green fees without having to ask, which was great. Incidentally, don't forget to check if Lady Captain can have courtesy of the course.

We were made so welcome, this year's Lady Captain has picked the same venue. So there's another tip - ask your ladies where they've been as a party and what their experience was. Share it with us too - any recommendations??

Di Grant