To introduce myself, I'm Diane Grant, Lady Captain 2017 at Hindley Hall Golf Club near Wigan. I'm working with Surprizeshop to share my experiences as Lady Captain and to hopefully avoid other ladies having to 'reinvent the wheel'. I came into office last February, so I'm almost a "Has Been", which will feel very odd (and I will sooo miss my 'Lady Captain' parking space)! I've been playing golf for about 35 years, have been Lady Captain twice at Beacon Park Golf Club and a member of a few other clubs during my 'golfing life'. So I've seen the role of Lady Captain from a few different perspectives.

I'm conscious some Lady Captains have the benefit of a year as Vice Captain, and some are thrown in at the 'deep end' almost immediately they are appointed. No two clubs are the same: there are no rights and wrongs, just different traditions and protocols. What does strike me is that all Lady Captains need some kind of support and source of ideas. What do I need from you as you read this? I need you to share your experiences, your views, ideas and thoughts with other Lady Captains and budding Lady Captains - there are plenty out there!! What have I found great about being Lady Captain?

For me it's opened a whole new world of friends through Hindley's involvement in two Lady Captains' Societies. I have also tried to play with as many of our ladies as I can in Club Competitions. This has been a real challenge, and I haven't quite got round everyone, but I've played with some ladies for the first time, which has been great fun. Lady Captain's Day was wonderful too - everyone made it such a special day I was truly touched. I set out wanting to do a couple of things that would help the club come together more - we're great at being 'men' and 'ladies', but we don't always interact as a club as much as we could. I targeted having the club join in with the Manchester and District Archie Preston Mixed Team Knockout, which is now established, albeit that I've volunteered to manage the team and could have that job for life! I also benefitted from a tweet by Grange Park Golf Club, who were having a Captains' gathering to enjoy a glass of Prosecco on Christmas Day. The idea sounded great, so I invited members to join me (Captain wasn't available) for "Pasties and Prosecco" on Christmas Eve.

The event proved very popular and my Vice Captain has already said she'll do the same this year, so hopefully that's another tick in the box. Chatting to other Lady Captains (and Ladies' Captains) has been so interesting. Clubs can be so different in the things they do, such as social events. I've found some ladies sections have regular, maybe monthly, social events, others have a quieter profile. Some clubs have monthly presentations of prizes, and some leave everything to the season end. All different, no rights or wrongs; just different. I'm happy to share my experiences, but I'm just one person - I need you to share your thoughts, ideas and questions too - don't be shy!!

Di Grant